Really as a stylist, I should never be surprised by what I’m asked to style next! From styling a headless horseman complete with carriage and horses, to a girl in a life size Hawaiian  snow dome with snow and lei, to goats! Well, not styling the actual goats themselves, but the model who would be modelling with the goats which was to take place in three different locations on three different days with different types of goats.

So, the job was styling the cover story for Spectrum, the Saturday arts magazine in The Age. At one stage I was asked to dress the model as if she was a goat rock climbing in search of flowers to eat; and no I didn’t hire a goat costume, but rather imagined how to fashionably style a model rock climbing acting like a goat!!! Yes, a stylist’s world is ever changeable and that’s what  I love about my job.

Day one on the goat story and what a treat! Surrounded by a plethora of one day old baby goats sooo gorgeous, and like any new born they were awake for a bit and sleeping for a lot, so I must say it was relatively easy to set up the shot and style the look. Of course, when styling around baby goats the only way to go is soft , beautiful and romantic. That meant using a gorgeous Nevenka skirt,  so exquisite and dreamy combined with a kid mohair jumper from the amazing designs of Amano by Lorena Liang to keep in line with the story… all things goat. Then came Pedro. An amazing rough and tough billy goat with horns out to yahh, the most incredible rectangular  green eyes you’ve ever seen and incredible long black hair. He couldn’t look any more paganistic if you tried. Henceforth the look called for something quite dramatic and with a sense of ritual around it, and I must say, I’m very happy with the results.  Finally the model was to be hanging off the side of a cliff face and of course the only way to go was dress her in a pair of designer leg harnesses, with a silk coat wrapped and tied up all Game of Thrones style with a cashmere wrap – I mean what other choice did I have!!!

Check out the pics I really hope you like them. I must say I’m thrilled with the results.

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Cheers BC x

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