When I was asked to style a series of shots to use in a food journal for release in 2018,  I was overcome with feelings of excitement. Not only was this a wonderful opportunity to style some beautiful food imagery, but I had pretty well total creative freedom to art direct the project as well.

After much thought, I struggled to move beyond the idea of wanting to create beautiful rich dark and moody shots for the journal, all of which were to be based around delectable sweet things!

The whole project was so beautiful to work on as the brief was to create imagery that would sit well with gorgeous, inspirational food quotes so as to tantalise the senses and inspire the reader in every way .

So EAT Journal was born and is designed so you can record all your food inspiration, thoughts and recipes that you may have found or have been handed down, and everything you love around food, all located in the one place.

There is magic to food styling and this project was no exception. If you want to be inspired and learn about the magic of food styling, then check out our Food Styling course held at School of Styling running in March 2018. You will learn how it all happens on set, learn food styling behind the scenes, tricks and tips and create your own food styled set ups. If your keen to find out the magic of food styling then this 2 Day Food Styling course is for you. Check it out at https://melbourneschoolofstyling.com.au/  you wont regret it.

Also if you want to look at our Instagram page and see what our students are creating for yourself, have a look at the site here. https://www.instagram.com/melbourne_school_of_styling/   Its totally amazing! Most of our students come into the course with minimal knowledge or experience in food styling and come away from the course feeling confidant and comfortable in creating incredible food styled looks.

Eat Journals are sold throughout Katies Australia and a variety of bookstore. Grab yours while you can and continue to inspire and be inspired. We cant wait to come on the journey with you. 🙂

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