It really pays to utilise your local cafe as your very own personal office space. I often sit and do a great deal of preparation for upcoming styling shoots at El Chino cafe restaurant, a gorgeous little Mexican inspired cafe with the nicest owner and sweetest staff you’ll ever meet. So recently an opportunity came up to shoot a fashion editorial for a Japanese magazine and I thought to myself, I’m sitting in the perfect spot for the shoot. With little further adieu, my photographer Samantha Jarrett, who is brilliant by the way you should check her out, and I were in there doing a reccy (reconnaissance) of the location. Scoping it out for the perfect shots and angles, and I might add I think the team and I created my favourite editorial to date.

So for those embarking on the nuances of how to style for editorial fashion stories on location, here are a few things to remember.
Make sure you know exactly where you are shooting so you can prepare in advance the look for the location. When you are on location you often don’t have a lot of time, so organisation is the absolute key. Work out the order you will be shooting in and have all the looks numbered and ordered. As I said there is no time for confusion and disorganisation so be as prepared as possible. Finally make sure the look, feel and colour palette is all working.

Ps props can be people too, they’re called warm props in the industry. The guy in the background of the first shot was actually an electrician working in the store who looked so Mexican we thought we should get him in shot. Off with his shirt and voila, a great Mexican man prop.

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See you guys soon,

Have fun,

BC x
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