Food styling is a little like being a magician. A sprig of tweezer lifted micro herb here, a spritz of water there and voila, a beautifully styled mouth watering food shot looking good enough to eat. You probably wouldn’t want to though!! The dish has more than likely been undercooked to retain a plump and juicy look, possibly basted with oil to create the desired sheen, and cooked for the look not necessarily the taste. Food items may be pinned, tacked or placed very precisely towards the front of the dish and all styled directly for the camera angle.

And don’t forget the tools and tricks of the trade of which there are plenty. From toothpicks, tweezers of every variety, paintbrushes, spritz bottles, glycerine mixtures, glass beads, heat torches just to name a few, all painstakingly utilised to make every ingredient look perfect. And then theres the propping which opens up a whole new world of shopping and sourcing.

With the trend towards a vintage rustic feel still going strong, finding cooking relics of yesteryear is not only fun but really exciting. I found a really cool old cake rack, (excuse the pun) the other day and was so excited as I had been looking for this very particular cooling rack for quite some time. Theres a whole new world of shopping out there when it comes to food styling.

I took a whole lot of my props to my last short course in food styling run in Melbourne and what an incredible group of students I had. Check out their work below…it really blows my mind what can be achieved in 2 days…. AMAZING. If you want to learn more about food styling head to melbourneschoolofstyling.com.au and sign up for a 2 day fun filled action pact info overload short course on food Styling.  You’ll Love it!

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