Gee I have fun when I teach and the last short course was no exception. What a great bunch of aspiring stylists I was blessed with . So enthusiastic, eager and ready to learn.  There are plenty of things  I teach aspiring stylists about the industry like what its like to work with a bunch of creatives on set all eager to have their way, through to how colour absolutely sets the mood for a shot from the get go, right down to how to make a man in his jocks look absolutely his best, (ever heard of the sliced white bread trick!!! But the one thing I cant really teach is the right attitude and my last bunch of students really got it right.

Styling, and this may surprise you, is 40% schlepping and hard work, 40% just plain hard work and 20% creative, maybe! I never really was one for mathematics!  That 20% really turns itself around when the job is done and you get to see some incredible and  amazing visuals, that you have created and  are beyond proud of.  Its so worthwhile and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

So if you have a thing for styling then look me up and try it out. I have two short course coming up in March and April. If food is your thing check into the Two Day short course in Food Styling. The second course will give you an overview for fashion, food and product styling. Go to School Of Styling, melbourneschoolofstyling.com.au for more information. What have you got to lose?

See you there, BC x

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