I was recently asked to style the wardrobe and set for a short fashion film for VAMFF. In film terms I moved from being a fashion and prop stylist to wardrobe and art department. I so loved the process behind making this film. This was a collaboration between Adrian Lander, (photographer and filmmaker extraordinaire), Ess Laboratory, (who design the most beautiful, unique garments), Craiglee Vineyard and myself. What I found really exciting about this particular film was being completely immersed in the process. From conceptualising the story board with the director to liaising with designers, finding all the props to create the look and feel and ultimately being part of the team that turn the idea into a reality.

Our location was Craiglee vineyard, a beautiful rustic winery located pretty close to the outskirts of Melbourne. Just on a side note you have to try the 2013 Chardonnay. Who knew I’d be heading down the Chardy trail again, delicious!!

The crew arrived loaded with gear, props, clothes and equipment by the truckload, all ready to embark on the making of a fashion film. Its all very interesting when moving from stills to moving image as the looks need to fit and work from all angles. Unlike working with stills it kind of ruins the look and feel if a pesky bulldog clip, gaffer or double-sided tape just happens to be sneaking out at some unsightly moment!!!

The look and feel of the shoot was to create a moody, dark textural look inspired by the desire for transformation and change combined with the feeling of immense beauty and timelessness. When you combine a white outfit and red wine well things are gonna happen!!

I am so happy with the outcome and I’m sure I will be for a very long time. I hope you enjoy it too.

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BC x

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