Well, that was one busy festival! So much excitement going on at VAMFF, Melbourne’s Fashion Festival 2017 and I was lucky enough to style one of the shows for the festival being held at the iconic site of the Queen Victoria Market delicatessen section.

And what an  incredible venue for a fashion show it was. Nestled in amongst the cold cuts,  sausages and cheeses were models walking down the deli aisles in flourishes of frills and pastels, stripes and patterns, Panamas and Mules and even an electric green-yellow shopping trolley, I mean it was the Vic Market after all!!

It is incredible the amount of work that goes into creating a 25 minute show. Starting with the designers and tailoring looks that defines and enhances their own style, to model casting, liaising with musicians to  create the soundscapes, choreography, dress rehearsals and so much more.

I was fortunate to have some of my students working on the show, taping shoes, sourcing props and as backstage dressers. They all worked tirelessly in the incredibly hectic environment which is a fashion show to help make sure everything  ran seamlessly and without a hitch.

A fashion show is a  wonderful experience to be a part of. The pace, the vision and the satisfaction you feel when everything has gone according to plan and the show turns out to be a complete success. It couldn’t  happen without all the characters needed to make it happen, after all it takes a village to pull off a fashion show successfully.

I am running a 2 day short course in styling at School of Styling in Prahran, so if you want to learn more about how a stylist works then check into the next course at https://melbourneschoolofstyling.com.au/

Who knows maybe you could be part of the excitement on the next big job that comes my way.

Good luck in your styling adventure and hope to see you soon,

Bianca x




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