I loved this course as it was conveniently spread out over 2 weekends, giving us the opportunity to apply the theory & styling principles to our own work, with an experienced instructor and professional photographer to capture the results. It was very informative and enjoyable, worth the investment & time, I highly recommend it! Thank you to Bianca for the knowledge and experience, & Tatiana for the photos.


I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, Bianca is a wealth of knowledge and provides with the information and examples required to make it easy to understand. We then had the opportunity to apply these examples in real life by completing a photo shoot. Whilst I had studied the design principles a few years ago it was great to understand how it could be applied to food styling. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning how to style food for photography.


What a great course. It successfully marries the theory with the practical and the results are top class. Bianca is a highly regarded food stylist working in the field so students benefit from her experience and insight. She generously shares her props and backgrounds so students can style professional images and the addition of a professional photographer takes student work to the next level. I happily recommend this course. You’ll love it!


It’s amazing what I have learnt in this 2 day food styling course at The Melbourne School of Styling. It was not only fun but a real learning curve where we got to be hands on. Bianca allowed my own sense of style flow through to the images while gently directing ideas and placement of props. I now feel ready to be styling my own shots with confidence.


I really had great times and did learn a lot along the two days workshop. I feel like my creativity and enthusiasm have increased from your food styling class. Thank you for all guidance! Moema Machado


The Food Stylist 2 Day Short Course was a fabulous experience. Working through basic design elements and principles and then putting these into practise was not only interesting but also fundamental. Further, tips on how to put together kits to aid in your food styling, where to find backdrops or props and general information was extremely useful. Personally, I loved the Design Brief given for the second session – “Let’s put into practise what we’ve talked about”. Great to see the comraderie between students and teacher and of course, students and students. A great two days. Looking forward to the advanced course.


I’ve really learned a lot and I’m very happy about it. it made me appreciate little things that I can use to food styling and making food look better. Thanks to Bianca, she was hands on with her students. You won’t go out without any learnings.


This was such an amazing course. Great structure and flow to the 2 day course and unbelievable amount of learning in just a short amount of time. Bianca was so knowledgeable and made the course relaxed and fun to do. I can honestly say that my shots prior to this course vs now has changed significantly and I feel that I can walk away with all the tools and knowledge to be able to shoot a professional food photo fit for a magazine/book. Highly recommend it to any foodie wanting to learn the art of food styling!


I learned a lot of things about styling food. How to plate the food, how to show the colours etc. The tips and tricks that goes about styling food, some mind blowing things, that i would not have believed before, so I urge anybody who loves to post their food do this course, money well spent. And as for Bianca, the teacher, she was so eager to teach, full of energy, running from one student to the other, helping everyone equally and with so much love and kindness. She welcomed everyone and it was a very friendly and fun environment to learn. The class size was small so that’s also a plus. I enjoyed it thoroughly.



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